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Drive Gum Australia

24 Packs (216 gum pcs) Classic Mint Flavour

24 Packs (216 gum pcs) Classic Mint Flavour

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Drive Gum is your daily chew, re-imagined.

Guarana-infused chewing gum for optimum mental and physical performance. With a seamless caffeine kick, it gives you the perfect boost to push through the tough moments of each day.

In Classic Mint flavour, Drive Gum has a taste profile similar to the timeless Mentos®.

✓ Rapid caffeine kick (~5 mins)
✓ Tastes great and freshens your breath like regular gum
✓ 225mg total caffeine in your pocket (~3 coffees)
✓ Suitable for day and night
✓ Sugar free, aspartame free, plant-derived caffeine source

The 24 pack is delivered fast and free and has the same total caffeine content as approximately 60 cups of coffee. Keep a pack on you with your daily carry and you'll never be short of an instant refresh.

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