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What is Drive Gum?

Drive Gum is like your favourite everyday chewing gum, but infused with caffeine. The tasty mint flavoured formula is infused with guarana extract, designed to keep your energy levels high, with minimal additives.

There's no foul taste like a lot of caffeinated supplements, so it's perfect to chew any time. You can chew just one piece for a mild buzz, or more for an enhanced effect.

About Drive Gum
Arrangement of guarana energy gum

Why chew it?

At around the price of a single coffee, each Drive Gum pack contains 9 pieces (with a total of 225mg caffeine).

This makes it a super cost effective energy booster, which you can enjoy steadily or in quick succession to amplify it's effect. Perfect for when you need to control your buzz without being overloaded by caffeine fatigue.

About Drive Gum
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    "Tastes amazing with an energy boost for the ages" - Ali K, Powerlifter & Strength Coach

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    "On my essential pack list for long rides. Keeps your teeth clean and concentration sharp" - Jason E, Enduro MTB rider

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    "Drive Gum not only tastes great but you can feel the caffeine hit right away! A greate alternative to a pre-workout coffee who you need a pick me up!" - Josh T, Pro Baseballer & Team Australia rep

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    "Drive Gum is our partner for Perihelion Esports and we love the product! It's excellent before or during competitions" - Brendan, Esports competitor

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Drive Gum comes satisfaction guaranteed!

Our value proposition is simple - if you don't love it, we'll refund your purchase including return cost.

We know it makes a great daily use gum, always coming in handy at unexpected times. Try it risk free - it couldn't be easier!